Brazilian Volleyball - Transfers

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Brazilian Volleyball - Transfers

Postby tbv » 19 Apr 2013, o 18:48

Amil/Campinas team

José Roberto Guimarães will have a great team in the next season. Amil/Campinas signed a contract with Tandara, a strong attacker who can play as opposite or outside hitter. She came from Sesi and she was the top scorer of the 12/13 Superliga.

Also, Kristin Richards, from USA, was hired. She is known by her excellent reception. She was in the American national team, but at the last moment, she did not go to the London Olympic Games. Hugh McCutcheon , the coah, chose Megan Hodges.

Supposedly, Natalia completes the list of hitters, but it will be confirmed just after the South American Volleyball Club Championship, since Natalia will play in the Unilever team.

With these three players, the team has unique flexibility, since Natalia and Tandara can play as receiver. In case Natalia, does not go well as a receiver, Tandara can help.

The setter is going to be Claudinha, and the confirmed middle blockers are Angelica and Walewska. Michelle Daldegan, who did not play the last season due to an injury, will be the libero.

Another foreigner player can be also hired.

Definitely, Amil/Campinas has great probabilities of ending Unilever and Solly/Osasco's hegemony.

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